“I am happy that I had the work done. I am very pleased with my new smile. You took care of the problems with my front teeth. Now I have a great smile and feel more like smiling. People have said that I have a great smile now. I had a great and caring doctor and staff. I would recommend this to others. It has helped me.”

“I am very pleased with the work I had done. The treatment I received was great. Now I smile more easily. The whole staff was friendly and not only welcomed me, but seemed to get along with one another, which is nice to see. A fun environment.”

“I had twenty veneers placed – ten on the top teeth and ten on the bottom. I am very pleased with the results. I never liked my teeth because they were not white enough and very small and thin. Now they are whiter and I like the shape. The comments I receive are that they look very natural and pretty. I smile more now! Everyone in the office was so supportive, helpful and kind. The staff are professional, caring and supportive. I would recommend anyone getting any cosmetic dentistry to see Dr Nitin Garg.”

“The work was very good. I can now eat food that for three years I couldn’t—like bacon, popcorn, and potatoes. I forgot how good food tasted. Last week I went out for dinner with my family and it was great. I didn’t know how much I was missing. My coworkers say that I smile all the time now. They say my smile meets my personality. I was treated like they knew me forever, like family. I would and I have told others to go here.”

“I was having low self-esteem because of having lost some of my front teeth. After the work that was done I feel like a new person. I am smiling all the time and getting comments on how nice my smile is and that I look years younger. I am very happy with my new smile and it shows.”

“I went almost 10-15 years with gum disease, lost teeth, and insecurity about my teeth. My self-esteem was very low. I had a fear of having dental work. About six months ago, finally, I had the courage to approach Dr. Nitin and Dr. Pallavi about a plan forward—which was upper and lower full implants. In two long procedures, Dr. Nitin extracted my teeth, installed 10 implants and did some bone grafting. After each session (5-6 hours) I went home and took a nap after ice packing the areas and both times awoke to almost no pain at all. My confidence in myself is really growing and I would and have recommended this office to my friends.”

“I feel great about the work that has been done. I’m very pleased! I had a great deal of pain and problems in the past. While the treatment was being done, I saw improvements in my mouth and health. The pain started to go away. I have had a partial for 40 years and eating certain foods was limited. Since having implants, I have been able to eat foods like raw carrots, steaks, etc. I feel a lot better about myself. My wife really likes that work that I had done. I am very happy with the treatment from Dr. Nitin and his staff. I was always treated with respect and humor! It was always a positive place to be. I would recommend treatment to others. It did cost a bit of money but it was well worth it!”

“Dr Nitin Garg has the best chair side manner of any dentist I have ever seen. All the assistants are friendly and there to help you every step of the way. I have always been treated with care and everyone is very professional. This makes coming to the dentist a lot more pleasant. My front teeth had lots of problems and the veneers solved all of them. My smile looks better than it ever has. I’m always smiling, now that I have something to smile about! Keep up the great work.”

“Just wanted to write my story. I have had so much trouble with my teeth all my life. At one time I was highly concerned with my health due to bad teeth. Thanks to Dr Nitin Dental Clinic for giving me the opportunity to have a smile again. This is truly a blessing for me. I have wanted a great, beautiful smile for a long time and with their help I am going to have that. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of choosing to have a smile again. It’s been lots of hard work and determination, but finally I can see the light, and it is wonderful. These people are truly a gift from God. Thanks for listening to my story. I could go on and on, but for now, just know life is beautiful.”